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Biotype Nutrients is a specialized supplement website, developed to assist those who have had a Biotype Assessment through Second Opinion Physician, or who have had their "Walsh Biotypes" evaluated by another practitioner. These individuals will have received a tailored supplement plan based on their key-nutrient biochemical status. These are considered to be some of the most important nutrients responsible for affecting mood and behavior issues. More specifically these are  Walsh Approach Supplements.

Sourcing good supplements that don't have unwanted ingredients can be tricky. Biotype Nutrient categories on the menu of each page, should make the process much easier.

One type of a common biochemical imbalance is referred to as the "Undermethylation Biotype." If assessed as an undermethylator, supplements may be easily located on this site based on that Biotype category. Each of the "Five Biotypes of Depression" are arranged here with a full selection of supplements that are likely to be considered as a part of their recommended protocol.

Walsh Trained practitioners understand the role each of the nutrients play in addressing the most common biochemistry imbalances per Walsh's 'Five Biotypes of Depression.' Those key nutrients that are essential for proper neurotransmitter function are identified and addressed once a full assessment has been made. These assessments are crucial in evaluating the level of production, and activity of neurotransmitters and their receptors, including serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, and glutamate.

Our Goal

The purpose of Biotype Nutrients is to support individuals with mood disorders by identifying and utilizing the correct supplements in accordance with the Walsh Protocol. It is our goal to give clarity and assist in the careful selection of high-quality supplements, ensuring they are complimentary to each person's unique biochemical profile and corresponding mood or behavior irregularity.

A Letter from   

Your Online Doctor

I am David Epstein, D.O., the founder and developer of Biotype Nutrients and Second Opinion Physician. Since I began practicing medicine in 1987, I have been oriented towards nutritional therapy.

Early on, doctors supplementing with vitamins to improve mood and behavior disorders were referred to as 'orthomolecular psychiatrists.' This was an early period of awareness of that nutrients like zinc, folate, vitamin D and niacin often had a favorable affect on anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.

A lot has changed since then and, for me the awakening happened by attending a keynote presentation by Dr William Walsh PhD at an ACAM conference in 2014. I was astounded by his depth of practical knowledge of the brain function, and how specifically it was oriented towards nutrients. And that his understanding was acquired over the course many years of research.

Dr Walsh has spent a lifetime, testing and studying the results of his findings. In doing so he has uncovered patterns of biochemistry that are closely associated with specific mood and behavior characteristics. His "Five Biotypes of Depression" theory are a tremendous boost to the practice of nutrient therapy, a tremendously important approach to improving mood, behavior and cognitive function.

Biotype Nutrients was initially set up as a resource for patients that I evaluated through my online telemedicine practice. Lately, many who have been evaluated for their Biotypes by other practitioners have used this site to locate some of my personal favorite supplements for each of their unique biochemistries.

I hope this organized selection of Walsh Approach supplements serves as a helpful resource to those on the quest for greater health and wellness.

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