Following testing and history taking, practitioners trained in this very specific protocol are likely to advise patients to take supplements according to their "Biotype". This site makes top brands available to practitioners and their patients and organizes them according to the unique Biotypes.


Biotype Nutrients offers a specific array of supplements from trusted professional supplements companies. By organizing according to 'biotypes' it take out the guesswork of knowing whether supplements contain ingredients that may give the opposite than intended effect.

For example there are no folates or niacin in the products offered in the Biotype Categories for 'underemthylators' and 'pyroluria' as both biochemical types tend towards low serotonin and dopamine. Only the preferred supplements are found within those Categories.


At Biotype Nutrients, supplements are organized by the major health 'biotypes' or biochemical characteristics that are theorized to be associated with the majority persons mental health condition. This website selects and categorizes nutrients selection according to Walsh Biotypes, as well as other related conditions. Supplements are selected for their professional quality and ingredients in order that they fit solidly within the Biotype category where they belong.


'Biotypes' are classifications of biochemistry as it relates to key nutrients that may be influencing mood and behavior disorders. According to Dr Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute, there are 5 major 'Biotypes of Depression'. A specific lab test panel is used to determine one's biotype. When reviewed by a Walsh trained practitioner, patients are given a clear understanding of the key factors contributing to their condition and a plan for supplementation to correct any excesses or deficiencies.

Walsh Biotypes of Depression
Biotypes of Depression. Walsh Research Institute


The science behind brain disorders is growing exponentially every year. Our understanding is always changing. And there are different theories and protocols that doctors ascribe to in their individual approaches to treating mood disorders. 

This site is recommended for persons who wish to utilize the protocol developed by researchers from the Walsh Institute. It is is based on a lab test and history taking to determine a clear understanding of your biotype.  With that information it is possible to predict with a high degree of accuracy a person's serotonin and dopamine activity level. Because these supplements may be taken to eithe rincrease or decrease serotonin and dopamine, etc, what's good for the goose may not be good for the gander.

Please be advised, not all practitioners view the role of methylation and folic acid the same as do practitioners of the Walsh method. In fact the tests used to determine methylation status are not always the same.

So, when using this site, proceed with caution. That's the reason we classify the supplements according to the biotypes; to help persons who know their biotype, to find supplements that are most specifically suited for their needs.

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Biotype Nutrients is strictly a supplements website and is not affiliated with the Walsh Research Institute. This is merely a resource for practitioners and patients for sourcing nutrients in the management of mood and behavior disorders. See FDA disclaimer here...

Patients, looking for a practitioner?

There are many licensed physicians and psychiatrists trained to treat mood disorders and help optimize cognitive performance with nutrients.  If you are interested in practitioners certified in the Walsh Protocol, or learning more about this theory find out more here.

Practitioners, would you like to become an affiliate?

Doctors trained to utilize nutrients per Biotypes, may enjoy this website to help their patients make the best selection. Affiliate rewards program is available that will entitle you to discounted Assessment Reports, supplement margins and other perks.

Nutritional Biotype Support

Undermethylation is a scientific term used describe a condition whereby the body has a reduced 'methylating' activity. In simple terms, the effect of methylation is to up-regulate or down-regulate the DNA transcription activity of each cell line. Transcription makes proteins and each cell type produces a different protein. Proteins from teh various cells include hormones, enzymes, immune globulins, and nutrient transporters. 

There are different theories in the diagnosis as well as the treatment of 'undermethylation.' If you are practicing or being supplemented according to the Walsh Protocol you will have likely had a whole blood histamine test vs a DNA MTHFR genetic test. Here you will find supplements here that are most suitable for undermethylators.

Unlike other protocols you won't find folic acid, niacin, DMAE or choline on this page. These supplements are discouraged within the Walsh Protocol as they lower the activity of serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters.


Most Popular

DMAE 250 mg 100 vcaps


Homocysteine Support

Folinic Acid 800 mcg 180 Capsules


Allergy Research Group

Arthred™ Collagen Formula 240 gms


Copper Overload

NAC 600 mg 250 Capsules


Digestion and Leaky Gut

Super Milk Thistle® 60 Capsules


Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Digestion and Leaky Gut

Berbercap® – 60 Capsules


Digestion and Leaky Gut

Protease 375K – 60 Capsules


Biotype Nutrients

Is a supplements store developed for patients of Second Opinion Physician which recommends supplements according to ones Biotype.  This site is now available to practitioners and patients who are educated about their Biotype and the proper use of supplements for improving mood and behavior disorders.

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