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According to the Walsh Protocol folates may improve methylation but they are not good for most individuals suffering with undermethylation depression. It is best to know ones whole blood histamine levels before taking supplements for depression.

Doctors trained by the Walsh Institute are encouraged to treat undermethylation depression with supplements that improve methylation, but without affecting serotonin activity. 

There is much confusion with this since genetic testing suggests that poor methylation due to an MTHFR SNP should be treated with folic acid. While it is true that folates will improve methylation, most methylators have low serotonin. Folates have a strong influence on serotonin by an epigenetic mechanism and a protein that increases serotonin reuptake. That is why it is necessary to get professional feedback by practitioners trained in

This website organizes supplements according the the teachings of William Walsh PhD. It is advisable with undermethylation depression to use caution when taking folates, niacin, DMAE or choline and manganese. These supplements tend to lower serotonin or dopamine neurotransmitter activity, by means other than methylation. 

Supplements within this category are generally safe for undermethylation depression. But it is important to confer with a doctor who understands the role nutrients play in all aspects of neurotransmitter activity.



Biotin-8 60 Capsules (TR)


Symptoms associated with undermethylation depression may include Autism, chronic depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder, seasonal depression and etc. Other common characteristics include seasonal allergies, perfectionism, religiosity, strong will and competitiveness.