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Best Supplements for Undermethylation

Undermethylation is a common biochemical condition that impacts the DNA of all cells in the body. People with undermethylation occasionally experience symptoms of chronic depression, OCD tendencies, oppositional defiance in children, autism or possibly schizoaffective disorder. Someone who is undermethylated may not have these symptom, though may have a high libido, display episodes of religiosity, be known for their competitiveness in sports or academics, or simply may be well-adjusted from highly accomplished, success-oriented families. Other signs and symptoms of undermethylation symptoms include seasonal allergies, a slight muscle build, lack protein in the diet and vegetarianism.  Because undermethylators tend to have low brain activity of serotonin and dopamine, these individuals may respond well to supplements for undermethylation, including SAMe, methionine, and certain B vitamins. Physicians and practitioners who utilize the Walsh Approach to treat mood disorders will likely encourage patients to avoid folates and niacin due to potential negative impacts on serotonin and dopamine. While these supplements may be necessary for other conditions such as high homocysteine or overmethylation, they are not included here.


Best Undermethylation

SAMe 200 mg 60 Capsules


Best Copper Overload

Zinc Picolinate 50mg


Given the varied symptoms and complexity of managing methylation, it is advisable to consult professionals, ideally a physician trained in the Walsh protocol, to ensure an accurate diagnosis and customized supplement and dietary approach. Please note, many of these supplements for undermethylation can cause problems when taken in excess or when overmethylation or copper overload are present, based on lab testing or historical assessment.