How to use this website

Of course you may shop at Biotype Nutrients as you would any other supplements provider, however, this selection of supplements are selected as the most beneficial for improving cognitive and emotional brain function.

Brain research and natural therapies is an popular field of science lately.

The  future for improving our mental health through supplementation, lifestyle and gadgetry is tremendous.  Yet with all the new discoveries, what may have been considered wise yesterday may be ill advised today. Please be sure to understand the latest theories as these protocols particularly if you have a serious mental health concern.

A professional consultation by your nutritionally trained practitioner is always recommended.  And a qualified lab should be used to perform appropriate tests. Biotype Nutrients is founded by a physician who utilizes these protocols in his practice. It was created for his and other practitioners patients to easily source the proper nutrients and preferred manufactures.

On this website we do not intend to make recommendations or protocols.  This is a site listing our favorite brands and and making them easy to find according to your unique biotype.