Biotype Nutrients is a resource for finding supplements that match the protocols of our favorite practitioners and researchers. The site does not attempt to recommend remedies for various conditions but it facilitates the sourcing the most appropriate nutrients for the biotypes and protocols taught by those scientists.

While we are predominantly oriented around supplementation and remedies for improving mood and behavior disorders, there are additional categories listing supplements via classification such as as antioxidants, aromatherapy, digestive health, inflammatory modulators, hormone support, personal care, foods and etc.

Biotype Nutrients is focused on the Walsh Protocols because the owner of this site is a Walsh trained physician who is passionate about the science behind the Walsh Protocol and it's effectiveness in his practice. By building the website, it facilitates the ease of access and certainty of finding professional brands that adhere to GMP, good manufacturing practices.

If you are new to the concept of supplementation according to Biotypes you may find a Walsh Certified physician or doctor. These licensed practitioners are educated in the testing process and in making Biotype assessments and in recommending supplements.