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Mimosa Pudica for Parasites

Mimosa Pudica, known in Ayurvedic medicine as lajjalu, is native to warm climates like India and Australia. Traditionally the ground up mimosa seed powder has been used for various ailments. Most notably the mimosa pudica seed extract has been used to treat intestinal parasites. The seeds of Mimosa, when ingested in a ground form, swell and become mucilaginous within the digestive system. This sticky quality enables them to bind to and remove parasites, their eggs, and other toxic substances from the intestinal lining. This process is especially effective against elongated parasites, with the results often visible in stool, characterized by a unique odor.

This plant’s use has sparked discussions around ‘ropeworms’, a term for certain intestinal extrusions. Despite scientific debate over their exact nature, many report Mimosa Pudica’s effectiveness in removing these and other types of parasites.

Dosage and Usage Recommendations:

For Mimosa Pudica, the typical starting dosage is a quarter teaspoon, increasing to no more than half a teaspoon twice a day as needed, taken on an empty stomach before bed. The specific dosage and duration of treatment should be tailored to individual needs and sensitivities.